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As part of a three volume retrospective of James Lovegrove’s early writing, Solaris Books will publish the first part at the end of 2014. A New York Times best seller and a highly regarded voice amongst the talent of the British sci-fi genre, Lovegrove will see Days and United Kingdom published together for the first time. Check out the blurbs below…

Days is a gigastore the size of a small city, whose security men are licensed to kill and whose seven owners, a group of very different brothers, brood in a penthouse far removed from the desperate scramble of consumerism. But at what price consumerism? Security man Frank has lost his reflection, Books has entered a localised war with Computers, and there is a riot in Third World instruments. Time for another flash sale..

United Kingdom: When the village of Downbourne and schoolmaster Fen Morris’ wife Moira is snatched, there are no authorities to turn to. In the absence of its government – in exile in the Caribbean following the ‘Unlucky Gamble – and subject to random bombings and leaflet drops, the UK is lawless and falling apart. Their marriage was a disaster but Fen sets out to recover her anyway; but does she even want rescuing?

Sounds like more excellent festive season reading is on the cards.