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Last year Abaddon Books and Chuck Wendig released a new set of gods into the world with the start of the shared world Gods & Monsters. Now the series will return with a new standalone sequel from Stephen Blackmoore: Gods & Monsters: Mythbreaker.

Since he was a child Louie “Fitz” Fitzsimmons suffered strange, violent and vivid hallucinations. As an adult he self-medicates in a sea of opiates, half-forgotten hook-ups and a career mismanaging the books of notorious Hollywood gangster Blake Kaplan. He’s not what you would called pious, so it’s as much of a surprise to Fitz as anyone to discover the truth behind his mysterious blackouts:

Fitz is an oracle to the gods.

In fact he’s the last sane oracle – all things relative – left, which might go some way to explaining why he suddenly finds himself pursued by a pissed off angel and a stream of new and old gods…

As Fitz will tell you, “as holy powers go, this one sucks.”