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Whilst the postie around our way delights in cursing those of us who deign to have parcels delivered, I missed the wrath and colourful language of her this week and had to make do with a trip to the post office. But what a great trip.

The very wonderful people at Little, Brown Book Group (who publish Orbit books in the UK) sent me a couple of fantastic titles. I am truly a very lucky reader and can’t wait to get stuck in.

First up, Blood Song by Anthony Ryan. It’s a book that’s been on my radar for a while and I’m really looking forward to getting to read this very soon.

We have fought battles that left more than a hundred corpses on the ground and not a word of it has ever been set down. The Order fights, but often it fights in shadow, without glory or reward. We have no banners. Vaelin Al Sorna is the Sixth Order’s newest recruit. Under their brutal training regime, he learns how to forge a blade, survive the wilds and kill a man quickly and quietly – all in the name of protecting the Realm and the Faith. Now his skills will be put to the test. War is coming. Vaelin must draw upon the very essence of his strength and cunning if he is to survive the coming conflict. Yet as the world teeters on the edge of chaos, Vaelin will learn that the truth can cut deeper than any sword.

Next is D.J. Molles The Remaining – Refugees. Unfortunately, this is the third book in the series but, again, I’ve heard a lot of hype about this over the internet and I definitely want to read the author’s work. Hopefully, I’ll get my hands on the first couple of novels in the series soon.

He has fought the fight, and run the race.

But the enemies never stop coming, and the race has no finish line.

It has been three months since Captain Lee Harden found the survivors at Camp Ryder. With winter looming, Lee is on the verge of establishing Camp Ryder as a hub of safety and stability in the region. But not everyone agrees with Lee’s mission . . . or his methods. Growing tensions between camp leadership are coming to a head, and as Lee struggles amid the dissention and controversy, new revelations about the infected threaten to destroy everything he has worked for.

Lastly comes Angus Watson’s Age of Iron. The blurb sounds great and I’m really keen to check out the novel. I think this may get pushed to the top of the pile…


Dug Sealskinner is a down-on-his-luck mercenary travelling south to join up with King Zadar’s army. But he keeps rescuing the wrong people.

First, Spring, a child he finds scavenging on the battlefield, and then Lowa, one of Zadar’s most fearsome warriors, who’s vowed revenge on the king for her sister’s execution.

Now Dug’s on the wrong side of that thousands-strong army he hoped to join ­- and worse, Zadar has bloodthirsty druid magic on his side. All Dug has is his war hammer, one rescued child and one unpredictable, highly-trained warrior with a lust for revenge that’s going to get them all killed . . .

It’s a glorious day to die.

What are you reading?