SPSFC 2: Team GSV Galactic Beards

Posted: November 24, 2022 in independent, Sci-Fi
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This year, I’ve been fortunate enough to take part in judging the second Self Published Science Fiction Competition. Inspired by the wonderful Culture novels of Iain Banks, Team GSV Galactic Beards might not be as sassy as one of his AI ships but this motley crew of three reviewers are dedicated to the cause.

Having finished the first round of sample reads we have managed to pick out ten novels that will make it to the next stage. A surprising mix of styles survived the cut. it highlighted both the breadth of authors independently publishing work but also the different tastes and opinions that each team member brings to the task. What’s also been refreshing (something I’ve noticed amongst the book community) is that, whilst not all of the top ten were liked unanimously, there was enough recognition of the skill involved to get those books past the post. I might be a huge fan of YA but I could see that at least two of the novels in our reading pile deserved to move forward even if they weren’t “my style”.

So, without further ado, Team GSV Galactic Beards’ quarter finalists are:

Dakiti by EJ Fisch

The Pono Way by Kirsten M Corby

The Emissary by Michael E Gooding

Echoes of Another by Chandra Clark

Cleansing Rain by Holly Ash

Ad Luna by Hüw Steer

Mouse Cage by Malcolm F Cross

Defiant by Aaron Hodges

The Engineer by Darren M Handshaw

Felan’s Rescue by Mark Raines

From solar punk stories to far futures, genetically modified people to first contact, there is a great spread of ideas and styles contained in these quarter finalists. Now begins the much harder part of judging; finding the top three of the group. It’s been interesting to respond more critically to these books, something I doubt any judge has taken lightly. As this competition goes further, I’m intrigued to see the choices other teams have made as we try to find the SPSFC 2 winner.

Stay tuned…

  1. […] now for some actual news of actual progress: Ad Luna has officially done better than last year, and made the quarter-finals of the SPSFC! It’s now up against some pretty strong competition, of course; The Engineer and The Pono Way are […]

  2. Kirsten M Corby says:

    This is fabulous, thank you so much!

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