Things I’ve stopped watching.. part two

Posted: May 3, 2019 in TV show
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I’m not happy about this. It’s just my anonymous opinion. But, I gave up on season two of The Punisher.

I really enjoyed the first season and was as spellbound as the rest by Jon Bernthal’s portrayal of Frank Castle aka ‘the Punisher’. From the ensemble cast, each checking and countering the other, to the morally ambiguous actions of both antagonist and protagonist, the first series kicked in the doors and laid bare its intentions from the outset. It was grim and gritty and bloody, and I loved it.

I couldn’t wait for the next season. I shared text messages with a friend when it hit Netflix. And then….

And, then. It wasn’t what I’d hoped for. It didn’t fulfill its potential. It could have done better.

Perhaps, the first season was so everything that it was hard to follow up. Perhaps, it had done so much with the source material in that opening stanza that what came next paled in comparison. To me – and just in my eyes – it felt forced. The way in which they dragged Castle back in to a fight seemed beyond contrived. The person he was helping earned no empathy from me as a viewer. Added to that, the clumsy dual plot line of Russo/ Jigsaw just made it all seem forced.

Everything about it from Russo’s overly acted yet non-consistent character to the new big baddy hunting Castle threw me off. It was all to strained and I just couldn’t invest. Perhaps I’ll revisit it because, believe me, I wanted to like it but, after four episodes, I bailed.

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