Review (part 3) – End of the End: A Post-Apocalyptic Omnibus

Posted: October 11, 2016 in Fantasy, Post apocalypse
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I’ve not read any of the Hooded Man books in the Afterblight universe but, if Paul Kane’s contribution to this collection is anything to go by, I really should. Flaming Arrow is quite a different prospect from the other stories collected in End of the End. Rather than the insidious psychosis that resides in Children of the Cull or the equally brutal and harsh landscape of a fractured Britain in Fall out, Kane spices his chapter in this shared-world series with the addition of magical mystery.

Drawing on the stories of Robin Hood and the legends surrounding the man, Kane infuses his post-apocalyptic tale with the idea that Sherwood Forest imbues certain figureheads with a supernatural power; to heal, to fight against evil and to help the downtrodden. In Flaming Arrow, we are introduced to this idea via an old man retelling the story of the ‘Hooded Man’ to a young scavenger.

It’s an interesting bookend that frames the narrative, one which offers an incomplete snapshot of a frightening scenario. In a way it feels like the set-up to a much larger novel – one which I hope gets written. Because, though it gives no conclusions, it suggests so much. Under the guidance of the Hooded Man, the Rangers have made Britain a safer place yet there are still threats at home and abroad eager to strike.

It’s a slow burn to start with but Flaming Arrow culminates in a monstrous showdown – one that implies a very serious ending to this harsh end times.

Review copy
Published by Abbadon Books


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