Review (part 2) – End of the End: A Post-Apocalyptic Omnibus

Posted: September 30, 2016 in Post apocalypse, Sci-Fi
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Children of the Cull by Cavan Scott brings together two characters from the original Afterblight books; namely Si Spurrier’s lead from The Culled and Rebecca Levene’s earnest but bonkers scientist from Kill or Cure, reviewed here. Once again entrenched within a research facility, Jasmine, however, isn’t struggling with her addictions this time. Instead, she’s running experiments and tests on a group of children in what seems, at first, to be compassionate circumstances but soon unravels to reveal a more sinister purpose.

Meanwhile, the soldier is staking out the facility in question, observing a series of failed, amateur attacks. He ends up embroiled with the would-be raiders, hiding his true purpose but using their numbers to achieve his end. Much like Kill Or Cure, this novella slowly peels away the veneer to expose the darkness at its heart.

Scott does a brilliant job, retaining the voice of Jasmine, the research scientist whose ‘cure’ results in a less than stable mental state. Interspersed by the story of the nameless soldier who is desperately trying to find her, the book brings both together in a blistering conclusion. The action is expertly paced and there are a number of plots at play that make for a truly engaging read.

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