Review (part 1) – End of the End: A Post-Apocalyptic Omnibus

Posted: September 21, 2016 in Post apocalypse, Sci-Fi
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Abaddon Books have produced another, fantastic collection of novellas in their shared-world setting of the Afterblight. After the awesome Journal of the Plague Year which I reviewed here and here comes End of the End, a collection of stories detailing the post-apocalyptic landscape years after the ‘Cull’.

Each story revisits some of the best works in the series, and first up is Fall Out by Simon Guerrier taking up the story begun in Scott K Andrew’s School’s Out. Guerrier lands us solidly into the wild and brutal place that England has become as protagonist Jack Bedford and his companion Jane, travel to Oxford to consult with the new government forming there. Touching on Jack’s past, Fall Out stands squarely between doing what is right and what is politic. In a series of power plays and double blinds, Jack and Jane find themselves coerced into decommissioning a nuclear power station.

As the rightful ‘King’ of England, Jack understands he has no choice; cowardice would destroy his place in the emerging society and result in probable death; entering a power station about to go into meltdown is equally fatal. For Jack, the idea of the King is to unite a fractured, warring country; to help restore peace under a common idea. It is about legacy, about the image of a King’s duty but little is as it seems. The journey is fraught and treacherous, and the writing fast paced and action packed. In the end, Fall Out is an exacting test for the young Jack, one that leaves little space for respite. The post- Cull world is a savage place where hope is crushed and defiance strangled, and Fall Out is a brilliant addition to this excellent series.

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