Review (part 2) – Mash Up edited by Gardner Dozois

Posted: August 13, 2016 in Fantasy, Sci-Fi
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Based upon Christopher Marlowe’s Edward II play, Elizabeth Bear’s No Decent Patrimony is an intriguing slice of sci-fi. Transporting Marlowe’s essence into a future where ‘Elites’ have discovered the path to immortality, this is a story that considers patriarchy and all it’s complications.

After the death of his father, the protagonist is left to ruminate on his place as an Elite, his feelings as a son (but also as a cloned son) and the possibility that this death has greater implications. Sumptuously detailed and wonderfully written, No Decent Patrimony is fascinating.

The Big Whale by Allen M. Steele is a reinterpretation of Herman Melville’s Moby Dick with the added twist of a 1940s pulp novel. Here, Ishmael is a hard boiled detective who totes a harpoon, plying his trade in Massachusetts. Asked to investigate Captain Ahab’s obsession with a mysterious ‘Moby’ after his wife becomes suspicious, Ishmael is soon right in the eye of the storm.

It’s a fun take on the classic novel, full of clever nods to the original and references to the tropes and style of pulp stories from the 40s. A meta-fiction mash up and a very cool read.

Review copy
Published by Titan Books


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