Review – Titanborn by Rhett C. Bruno

Posted: July 4, 2016 in Sci-Fi
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Told from the perspective of Malcolm Graves, a jaded bounty hunter and faithful employee of one of the largest corporations in the solar system, Titanborn is a gritty, sci-fi thriller that packs a little extra punch at the end.

Graves is a ‘collector’; a troubleshooter who solves company issues with a gun. He’s a company man through and through, never asking questions about his work and only caring about his pay. But he’s getting old and after making a rare mistake he’s forced to take a holiday on Earth. Visiting New London just in time to witness a terrorist attack and as one of the most experienced men on the ground, Graves finds himself tracking the killer.

In a post-cataclysm society, humankind are reaching out as far into the solar system as they can. However, this also includes migrating to Titan, one of Saturn’s moons that was colonised long ago. Titan’s original settlers are centuries removed from Earth’s humans and don’t take kindly to the re-appropriation of their home nor the diseases they bring with them and a revolution is brewing. The killer that Graves seeks is one such off-worlder.

Like all great, hard-boiled mercenaries, Graves ‘works alone’. Yet, he is saddled with a young, proficient partner and the two are soon tracking their quarry across Europe. It’s here the story really gets it’s legs. Backstory for Graves is filled in with flashbacks and the futuristic world at large is explored and explained. On Titan, the stakes are even higher, resulting in an explosive conclusion.

Rhett C. Bruno has produced a great blend of ideas, mixing some interesting sci-fi concepts with a few classic tough-guy detective tropes. It’s a successful recipe and Titanborn is a fun read because of it.

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