Review- Still more from Sharp Ends by Joe Abercrombie

Posted: April 29, 2016 in Fantasy
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I’ve enthused on Joe Abercrombie’s astounding skill at crafting characters and, once again, he continues to amaze. Wrong Place, Wrong Time consists of three stories featuring three characters who are all background extras in the larger novel Best Served Cold. Each story fills in a life using the smallest detail, outlining these characters brimming with their own narrative. Only each one is a mere bit-player; a witness, and at times a victim, to the bigger story of Monza Murcatto’s vengeance.

Wrong Place, Wrong Time is a great piece of writing. Not just for how each individual story is developed but also for how it fits into the bigger picture, giving life and flesh to the world of The First Law.

Set before Red Country and featuring the uncompromising Shy South, Some Desperado is, like the novel, all piss and vinegar. And dust. And the sense that if things are bad, they can definitely get worse.

On the run from her own bunch of bandit friends intent on earning the bounty placed on her head, Shy is not having much luck. Finding herself without a horse, a weapon, nor any way to get help, a showdown is all that’s left to her. The desperation almost sweats out of the page as her three erstwhile companions set about capturing their mark. Against the backdrop of a sun bleached ghost town and with nothing left to lose, Shy proves that she can punch way above her weight.

A great setting, a superb short story, and more action than seems possible considering the equal amount of soul searching Shy does. All in all – awesome.

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