Review – Bigfoot Loose and Finn Fancy Free by Randy Henderson

Posted: March 6, 2016 in Fantasy, Satire
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In the second book of his series, Randy Henderson has once again produced an 80’s tinged, barn burner of a novel. His debut, reviewed here, was one of my favourite reads last year. Bigfoot Loose and Finn Fancy Free builds on everything of that first book and continues the momentum like Kevin Bacon punch-dancing his way through a forest of stonewash denim.

Though the pop culture references to the 80’s add a certain coolness (especially for those of us who remember that decade), they really serve as an anchor-point for the eponymous hero, Finn; having been exiled to the Other Realm for 25 years as a teenager, his whole point of contact with socio-cultural norms stops at the 1980s. It’s the greater story at large that is the real attention grabber and, with the feel of a Goonies type tale of fantasy and adventure, it rocks along at a serious pace with excellent results. Set a mere three months after Finn’s first adventures, Bigfoot Loose and Finn Fancy Free delves a little deeper into the world Henderson has created whilst setting his protagonist on another quest of solving problems because he’s at the wrong place at the wrong time trying to do the right thing.

With Henderson, it is definitely the journey and not the destination that is the most fun. The scrapes and trouble that Finn seems to attract are all enjoyable to read and though the villain behind it all isn’t surprising, the path to the concluding chapters is. There’s so many brilliant little details peppering this book (my favourite being the gnomes) and a lot more than just a magical fantasy plot at its heart. The emphasis on Finn’s relationship with Dawn is thoughtfully and poetically drawn whilst his family dynamics are exceptionally handled, from the witty banter to the heartfelt emotions at play.

Bigfoot Loose and Finn Fancy Free shows off Henderson’s comic talent but also his ability to go that little deeper and to touch on subjects a little tougher to take. Like it’s awesome cover, the book is fun and super enjoyable to read but in it’s heart it’s touching and clever. I can’t wait for more.

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Published by Titan Books

  1. “…like Kevin Bacon punch dancing his way through a stonewash forest.” – Brilliant! 😝

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