Review – Big Hero 6

Posted: January 5, 2016 in Film
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Over the holidays, my wife and I decided to catch up on some films we’d been wanting to see. Top of the animation list was Big Hero 6. As software and technology continues it’s advances, these kind of movies just get better and better; the visual prowess matching the storytelling perfectly.

Big Hero 6 revolves around Hiro, a teenager with a big brain and a talent with robotics. Convinced by his brother to use his intelligence for better purposes than ‘bot fighting’, Hiro undertakes an annual challenge to produce some advanced technology and earn his place at a prestigious university, learning from the best in the robotics field. After winning his spot with the invention of mini-bots (a veritable sea of tiny robots controlled by the users brain waves to achieve anything imaginable), Hiro is approached by the unscrupulous businessman Alistair Krei. He wants to buy the tech but Hiro’s new professor, Robert Callaghan, advises against it.

Shortly after, as Hiro and his brother Tadashi talk, a fire breaks out in the hall where the contest has taken place, trapping the professor inside. Tadashi fearlessly runs in to rescue his mentor Callaghan but an explosion destroys the building. Distraught at the loss of his brother, Hiro sinks into a depression until Tadashi’s own robotic project activates. Baymax is a robotic medical assistant that seeks to help Hiro. It results in Baymax helping Hiro discover that his mini-bots weren’t blown up but were stolen.

The rest of the story is a good old fashioned hero versus villain encounter filled with awesome montages and a group of nerdy misfits teaming together to form the eponymous ‘Big Hero 6’. It’s actually a fairly straight forward plot, with Krei as the obvious red herring. However, Big Hero 6 is an emotional roller coaster that tugs at the heart strings. Hero’s relationship with Baymax is cleverly evolved as the teen realises revenge isn’t the best path to take.

Big Hero 6 is a big movie, both visually and for it’s simple yet powerful story. The animation was astounding and the characters absolutely brilliantly cast and created. Here’s hoping for a sequel.


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