The catching up post

Posted: October 28, 2015 in Fantasy, Horror, Random, Sci-Fi
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As I’ve mentioned (once or twice) my wife, son and I have made the move back to the UK. There were a few things I was looking forward about our return, including high speed internet and second-hand bookshops. Unfortunately, whilst there’s quite a few charity shops in the area we’ve relocated to, the pickings are slim when it comes to books. I’ve been used to discovering all sorts of sci-fi and fantasy gems at my old haunts but it seems that around here people either don’t donate books or they just read James Patterson novels.

But, decent internet speed means online second hand books! And that means working down my wish list of reads. I’ve been wanting to read Piers Anthony’s Battle Circle for a while and though the cover art is laughable, the premise has ensured I’ll be reading it next…

The three novels are: 1. Sos the Rope (1968) 2. Var the Stick (1972) 3. Neq the Sword (1975) The trilogy takes place on a post-apocalyptic Earth. The history is not given in detail, but the landscape is filled with the ruins of the previous civilization, and large areas (referred to as the “badlands”) are still deadly because of radiation, presumably from nuclear war. In North America, there are three main civilizations: the crazies and underworlders, and the nomads who are the main focus of the novels.


And then there is The Walking Dead. My wife and I totally missed out on season 5 so we are catching up with the zombie apocalypse and Rick Grimes and his crew. The screen writers have done some great work with the adaptation to TV, especially post Governor. We are only about half way through and though our nerves are frayed, it’s good to see the character development continuing with respect to the internal logic of the show. It’s what makes The Walking Dead such compelling viewing; the character driven plots and the realistic portrayal of the situation.

As ever, this season is just as fearless at having central characters meet their endings, sometimes under shocking circumstances. I’ve no idea where the rest of series 5 is going but I’m enjoying the fact that Rick has become such a deadly and unrelenting force while Daryl, Glenn and Carol are really coming into their own. The fact that season 6 is underway and being recorded (plus Fear The Walking Dead) means my zombie addiction will be well fed for the foreseeable future.

On top of all that, I’m reading a great novel by one of the new names in fantasy right now (though, again, I’m catching up) so expect a review in the next few days…


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