Review – Prometheus

Posted: October 12, 2015 in Film, Horror, Sci-Fi
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The first Alien movie scared the pants of me as a kid when it was released and, if I’m honest, put me off the franchise for quite some years. However, once I’d plucked up the courage to watch them, they were all good films powered by Sigourney Weaver’s heroine Ripley. Prometheus is set as a prequel to the Alien series in which we meet an archeologist couple who think they have discovered a clue to mankind’s origin. Enter stage left the blatantly immoral Weyland Corporation, who fund a trip to a distant planet; a planet system which has been depicted in numerous ancient human cultures from cave paintings to Egyptian hieroglyphs and more.

The crew, helped by super creepy humanoid robot David (Michael Fassbender) awake from cryogenic sleep and begin to explore this planet, immediately identifying a strange half buried and desolate form of architecture. They discover a vast building full of weird anti chambers, ancient human-like creatures and more. Things, however, soon begin to go wrong for the crew but, unfortunately, it’s also where the film’s plot begins to unravel and lose it’s way.

There’s no denying the premise for the movie is great but a number of things make little sense, not least of which the actions of the human and robot characters. Whilst the action scenes are intense and the horror that encapsulates the Alien franchise is firmly in place (think face suckers and gut rippers), the plot jumps from place to place making huge leaps. Frustratingly, some of the more interesting aspects are left unanswered and it appears as if great swathes of the film were left on the editing floor.

Though the final scenes clearly show where the classic ‘Alien’ originates from, almost clumsily joining Prometheus to Alien I was left wanting more. I wanted to be shown more about mankind’s originators, I wanted the human crew to have more depth, more reason and I wanted the film to be more cohesive than I felt it was. Entertaining it certainly was but fulfilling it was not, and that’s a shame considering how much promise the cast and plot line offered.


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