Review – Kill or Cure by Rebecca Levene

Posted: October 8, 2015 in Sci-Fi
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I really like pulp fiction for its sheer entertainment factor. The no-frills, action-heavy type stuff can be just what a reader needs. After another huge, cross hemisphere move and with all my books in storage again, as well as a lost kindle cable, it was great to find a shared world novel published by Solaris in my new, local charity shop. Set in the realm of the Afterblight Chronicles – a post apocalypse caused by disease and blood type – author Rebecca Levene has taken the idea to insane proportions. Literally. What follows is a robust adventure across America that features zombie- esque hordes in Cuba, end-of-days parties, eunuchs, naked shoot-outs and more.

The main protagonist, Jasmine, has been trapped in a remote government bunker for five years, zonked out of her skull on opiates. A research scientist looking for a cure to the Cull, she and her colleague create a solution to the Cull, the disease sweeping the planet, but it comes with it’s own set of problems; mainly turning the cured person totally bonkers. After she and her fellow scientist Ash test it on themselves, all hell breaks loose and Jasmine ends up trapped in the bunker trying to quieten the voice in her head.

After being freed from her prison by the enigmatic and piratical Queen M, ruler of a flotilla of ships and islands in the Caribbean, Jasmine discovers that Ash has been hard at work, listening to his own voice. Whilst struggling against her addiction and schizophrenia, Jasmine realises she doesn’t want to be indentured to the tyrant Queen. Yet after escaping to Cuba she discovers that Ash has created a new cure, one with terrible consequences and vows to find a way to stop him. Unfortunately she is just a mere pawn in the games of these new world warlords with both Queen M and Ash playing her off for their own nefarious ends.

Levene has produced a brilliantly entertaining take on the post-apocalyptic landscape and the plot is fantastic. The twists and turns toward the end are entertaining and the action through out is thoroughly crazy and justifiably brutal. It’s a page turner that keeps the pace going right up to the classic pulp fiction showdown conclusion. I’ll be looking out for more Afterblight Chronicles after this.

Secondhand copy
Published by Solaris

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