Stephen Deas releases the conclusion to his series

Posted: June 3, 2015 in Press release
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Gollancz are publishing the final part in Stephen Deas’ dragon trilogy with the header that it is “shocking..brutal and gripping.” Higher praise in fantasy does not come often and now I really want to get all trilogy.


Humanity has long grown used to a world without gods and their terrifying dragons. But now, the dragons have awaked, the hole in reality is expanding and the shackles that kept the half-gods controlled have been broken.

The Silver King is returning. Half-god, legend and myth, The Silver King once fought his brother, the Black Moon, and his dragons and lost. As The Silver King retreated, the Black Moon was also weakened, and now, a millennia later, The Silver King is back for vengeance.

The Black Moon lives on in the body of Berren Crowntaker and he’s seized power. Now, with the Dragon Queen at his side, an army of men behind him and dragons soaring overhead, he goes to war with his brother to settle the score once and for all.

The worlds are turning, and only one thing is sure – there will be an ending.


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