Gollancz to publish a new Dan Abnett fantasy trilogy

Posted: December 5, 2014 in Press release
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After reading a recent Dan Abnett/Nik Vincent collaboration, I’m excited by the prospect of more awesome fantasy. Check out the press release below…

Gollancz have acquired World Rights excluding USA to a trilogy of self-contained action-packed heroic fantasies from Dan Abnett. A highly talented and prolific writer of novels, computer games and comics, Dan Abnett’s shared world fictions have been set in many universes, including DOCTOR WHO, ALIEN, WARHAMMER and GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY.

Gollancz Associate Publisher, Simon Spanton, acquired the three books in THE WIELD series from Charlotte Robertson at United Agents.

Simon Spanton said, “It’s been hard to miss Dan’s contribution to the genre over recent years. He has an amazing and proven knack for finding readers beyond the immediate genre markets so I am really thrilled that he’s joining Gollancz for this venture into his own world; a project where he can give his extraordinary imagination free rein.”

Dan Abnett said, “I’m more than a little pleased to be joining the Gollancz list. In my teens, I quickly learned that the sight of one of their classic yellow-covered editions on the shelf of a library or bookshop was a guarantee of an extraordinary reading experience. THE WIELD is a story I especially want to tell, and I am simply delighted that it is going to be published by the most respected SF and Fantasy imprint in the world.”

The highly original THE WIELD trilogy takes place in a human-populated society with a vivid dark ages culture. Following an ancient and elite band of warriors, THE WIELD books are dynamic heroic fantasy adventures packed fill of action and bloody battles. The flawed but engaging characters and the enthralling premise with a clever twist, will appeal to readers of Dan Abnett’s bestselling Black Library books, and fans of David Gemmell and dynamic heroic fantasy.

The first book of THE WIELD series will be published in trade paperback and eBook in 2016 with the other two books to follow in 2017 and 2018.


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