Review – a few more from Fearsome Magics

Posted: October 18, 2014 in Fantasy, Sci-Fi
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Whilst I received a bounty of reading material this week, I wanted to check out a couple more stories from Fearsome Magics and I’m glad I did.

First up, I read On Skybolt Mountain by Justina Robson. It’s a wonderful little tale that meanders along, sucking you into the world of a seamstress. Her inner dialogue paints the picture of a spinster forced to move from village to village, trying to escape the rumours that she is a witch.

But, a little magical mishap at the local fair, sees her under suspicion once more and it’s not long before the lord of the area is demanding her appearance. Suffice it to say, the lord has some pompous plans regarding a dragon and it’s treasure whilst the little seamstress is so much more than the rumours could even hint at.

Robson’s story is hugely entertaining and subtly written. Plus, its an brilliant take on the notion of dragons…

Aberration by Genevieve Valentine is a weird and ephemeral tale that drifts and whorls like the metaphor of smoke which pervades the story. It’s difficult to describe in terms of a linear plot. Ghostly yet solid, the main character displaces across space and time to witness the end of things. Unseen yet present, she feels nothing but is wrenched from her own existence. Placeless, she seeks only to stay.

It’s a powerful and poetic piece of writing that lingers as you ponder not only the imagery but also the idea behind it. The fractured nature of the protagonist’s experiences mirror the idea of the character herself – something impossible to pin down.

Valentine has created a solemn, strange tale with a stirring vibrancy. A truly odd yet compelling read.

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