Review – more Sherlock and Watson short stories

Posted: August 13, 2014 in Fantasy, Sci-Fi
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The Small World of 212B by Ian Edginton

A comics writer for 2000 AD, Ian Edginton’s tale is a weird and wonderful ride into the world of meta-fiction. What begins for Dr. Watson as a seemingly innocuous but annoying invitation to a wedding soon turns out to be a mystery far stranger than any that the detective duo have tried to fathom previously.

Asked to be best man at the wedding of an old acquaintance, Watson initially declines. But, at Sherlock’s reasoning that the man was a catalyst for their meeting, the good Doctor changes his mind. Arriving at the village where the ceremony is to take place, things seem out of kilter. Eager to report back to Sherlock his findings, Watson only finds things have become even stranger back at Baker Street.

Edginton’s Watson is wonderfully loyal, irascible and inquisitive as ever and the bizarre twist to the tale is a fantastic homage to the canon of Sherlock Holmes and, indeed, the anthology it appears in. A brilliant, fun story.

The Final Conjuration by Adrian Tchaikovsky

Whilst most of the stories I’ve read in the anthology have placed Sherlock in familiar surroundings, Adrian Tchaikovsky has set his Sherlock in the fantasy world of the seven great Lords Wizard. Here, ‘Wu Tsan’ is a magician in the service of one of the great Lords who has had the need to conjure forth a demon to help him with certain inquiries. Brought forth from his world in a fog of coca smoke, ‘the Sherlock’ helped to uncover a number of truths that magic couldn’t discern.

Tchaikovsky has brilliantly painted Sherlock into this epic fantasy world, losing none of the detective’s character as he effortlessly deduces answers from a reality he doesn’t believe exists. Wu Tsan is equally familiar in his unfamiliar role as conjurer, magician and almost master of the demon Sherlock. It’s a fantastic story in every sense of the term.

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