Review – More shorts from Baker Street

Posted: August 10, 2014 in Fantasy, Horror, Sci-Fi
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The Adventure of the Speckled Bandana by J.E. Cohen

J.E. Cohen’s tale of Holmesian intrigue is set in Seventies America. We’re talking satin bell bottoms, men with long hair and smoking on planes. Indeed, smoking everywhere. The Adventure of the Speckled Bandana has a real atmosphere to it and a Holmes and Watson that are instantly recognisable.

Whilst the bandana in the title is the lead clue and key to the mystery behind this wonderfully crafted tale it is, as ever, Sherlock’s breakneck speed in deciphering the clues that gives the story it’s drive. There’s little to mention without giving it all a way but, suffice it to say, this was a great read.

The Rich Man’s Hand by Joan De La Haye

From Cohen’s Seventies Sherlock the next story takes us to South Africa, Pretoria. Holmes is coming off a crack smoking bender and Watson, the dutiful friend that he is, knows that only a case of serious importance and intrigue will distract the detective enough to get him straightened out.

Ostensibly a tale of a rich man’s murder in a shanty town, Sherlock deduces it’s more than just about a robbery. De La Haye’s translation of Holmes to South Africa introduces witch craft and a worrying trade in organs and genitals with great effect. Poor Watson is dragged along, deeper and deeper into the chase which culminates in a horrifying conclusion. Including a few nice nods to the canon, The Rich Man’s Hand is a grippy yet fun tale.


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