Review – Two Hundred an Twenty One Baker Streets

Posted: August 9, 2014 in Fantasy, Sci-Fi
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A collection of fourteen short stories about the ever popular and evolving Sherlock Holmes, I just read Jamie Wyman’s A Scandal in Hobohemia. Published by Solaris, the anthology looks set to be a must read if all the stories are as satisfying and creative as Wyman’s. And, as you can expect from a publisher as innovative as Solaris/Abaddon, these are not your usual, run of the mill Victorian fodder.

Wyman deftly introduces setting and character in her opening paragraphs, slowly revealing a ‘Watson’ looking for answers in a travelling carnival in the US. Signified by his injured leg, Jim Dandy (our Watson) is trying to question an old palm reader and soothsayer about the whereabouts of a man. Yet, nothing is as it seems.

The classic Holmesian tricks and deceptions are all there but Wyman adds a few neat ploys of her own. The writing is wonderful and it’s a great introduction to the collection. Precise and neat yet immensely engaging, it’s a great example of the craft of short story telling. Plus, it left me hankering for some more alt-Sherlock.

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Published by Solaris

  1. Kristin Gwinn says:

    Not to nitpick on what is obviously a great review, but Jamie Wyman is a woman.

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