Eric Brown’s new steampunk series out soon

Posted: July 7, 2014 in Steampunk
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Described as a reimagining of colonial India, Eric Brown has turned his sights on steampunk with an intriguing premise. Check out the press release and blurb below.

The first title in the series – Jani and the Greater Game – releases this July and follows bold protagonist Janisha Chaterjee as she uncovers the secret behind the mysterious power source known as Annapurnite, which sits at the centre of the British Empire and drives the British, Russian and Chinese political stand-off that is the “Greater Game.

Eighteen-year-old Janisha Chatterjee is returning to the death bed of her ailing father when her airship is attacked and wrecked. Saved from the debris of the ship by a stranger, she is entrusted with a mysterious device that finds her pitched into the centre of the international conflict.

Dodging British officers, Russian spies, and the dangerous priest Durga Das, Jani must bring the device to home of Annapurnite at the foot of the Himalayas, and what she learns there will be a truth that changes the world of the Empire forever

I haven’t read much steampunk but the stuff I have has been lots of fun. With Eric Brown at the helm (and with such a cool cover), I think this could well get a read soon.


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