Journal of the Plague Year

Posted: June 9, 2014 in Sci-Fi
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The world ended when The Cull swept through civilisation, killing billions and sparing only those fortunate few blessed with the right blood. But in times of need heroes must rise. Here three fantastic authors lead us into the apocalypse in the latest omnibus in the hit Afterblight Chronicles series.

Abaddon’s shared world series, The Afterblight Chronicles, has been a huge success in the post-apocalypse genre with a number of authors producing great storylines within the setting. This latest collection introduces three debuting sci-fi writers, two of whom (Malcolm Cross and C.B Harvey) have come to the attention of Abbadon’s commissioning editor, David Moore, through its open submission call.The third author, Adrian Tchailovsky, is a prolific fantasy writer – check out his Shadow Apt series – who is cutting his teeth with some great science fiction work under Abaddon. Due for release in the UK in July (and in the US/Canada in August), I’ll definitely be reading this shortly as each novella has already grabbed my interest. Check out the blurbs below.

In Malcolm Cross’ Orbital Decay astronaut Alvin Burrows watches helplessly as the world collapses and the crew on board the Space Station are slowly and gruesomely murdered, one by one. Exiled from Earth by his blood-type, can he use his position to solve the mystery of the “Pandora” experiment in time?

In C.B Harvey’sDead Kelly fugitive Kelly McGuire returns to the lawless city of Melbourne to bring vengeance down upon his old gangmates. McGuire has three jobs to do: be revenged, confront the uncomfortable truths of his past and face the discovery of his own terrible destiny.

In Adrian Tchailovsky’s The Bloody Deluge biochemist Katy Lewkowitzand colleague Dr Emil Weber flee the brutal cult of ‘The New Teutonic Order’ who are set on purging “undesirables;” as they take refuge within the walls of the Jasna Góra monastery a battle of faith ensues that could decide the future of humankind.


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